*The adhesive in the image is representative and the glue we use has a cream color.

  • Thinstone can be applied on any kind of flat ground (jacketing, fine plaster, betopan, bordex, drywall, etc.) as shown in the sample image with the recommended polyurethane adhesive. The polyurethane adhesive must be applied to the surface without leaving any space.

  • Thinstone plates are placed on the area before the adhesive starts to dry (max 40 min.) in such a way that no air bubbles are left from the middle towards the edges should by applying pressure. Meanwhile, care must be taken that the adhesive does not smear to the surface of Thinstone.

  • Marley comb must be used for applying the adhesive on the surface.

  • Metal shears can be used for dimensioning Thinstone plates which are provided in the desired size for your project at the construction site if necessary. Water sandpaper is used for corner adjustments.

  • Polyurethane adhesives overflowing from the grout space is cleaned optionally after it starts to dry (8 - 12 hours) with the help of a utility knife. This gap between the two Thinstone plates is filled with flex grout filler material used in ceramic applications. The entire surface is washed with clean water using a grout sponge until all the dust is removed after 30 minutes from this process.