Thinstone® is a layer of real natural stone.

Natural stones with appropriate physical properties are separated into 0.1-2 mm layers by virtue of high technological methods from large boulders. The glass fiber used in the back surfaces holds these layers together and provides flexibility. Thinstone® is light, flexible and super thin. Weight varies between 1.3 and 1.6 kg per square meter. Each layer of Thinstone gives a different feeling with its rough surfaced texture and natural color variations different from others.

"Achieve the real colors of your dreams! Be limitless!"

Thinstone has 35 color alternatives. We also have translucent and textile backing alternatives (thinner and more flexible).

Exterior coating, interior design, furniture industry, yachting, transportation vehicles (plane, train, etc.), fair industry lighting industry and any other areas you can imagine as to usage of natural stones.

Areas of use;

  • - Ease of handling, transport and flexibility (allows you cover circular surfaces with single piece)
  • - A more stronger natural stone due to the glass fiber backing.
  • - Large sizes up to 1200x2400 mm
  • - Reducing the load of the building.
  • - Ease of application to many different surfaces.
  • - Ease of surface finishing as as cutting and hole drilling.
  • - Safe to use in facades as not being affected by frost .
01-2 mm
natural stone layers
1,3-1,6 kg light flexible and super thin